The Four Paths to Mindfulness (Satipatthana)


I. Contemplating the Physical Body:

1. Breath

2. Posture

3. Clear comprehension of the rest of the body

4. The elements of earth, wind, water, fire, space

5. Bodily eliminations and hygiene

6. One's own mortality.


II. Contemplating Sensations:

Pleasant, unpleasant, neutral.


III. Cognition and the Mental States:

Lust; Hate

Ignorance; Distraction;

(un) Developed; (un) Absorbed; (un) Freed


IV. Mental Objects:

5 Hindrances

5 Aggregates of clinging

    Material form, Sensation, Perception, Formations, Cognition

6 Senses (thought is 6th)

7 Factors of Enlightenment

    Mindfulness, Investigation, Effort, Joy,

    Tranquility, Concentration, Equanimity

4 noble truths