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Meditation for Tranquil Power, Intentions of Peace
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Moving into movement

Our minds so often grow into a flurry. It moves from idea to mood to idea to speculation like so many fish flopping around in shallow puddles. I began this site to put those fish back into healthy water. It was my wish to produce a work that would benefit myself, but others in a direct way.

We can't deny that sometimes our minds will wander and race around, going in fits and starts rather than in smooth, straight lines. This can be okay or possibly even necessary. There is a time and place for the competitive struggle of idea against idea, abstraction beating upon abstraction. But there is also a time to give the mind a rest to prepare it to move its ideas into manifest reality.

Mindful movement is an umbrella term I use for pratices such as tai chi and qi gong. It is the simplest way I have found to mobilize my more wholesome intentions. To do the exercise one only needs individual will; as long as one is in a suitable place and is not neglecting responsibilities, there is no need for permission or approval from anyone else. While there are optimal periods of practice for specific health and mental benefits, there is no timekeeper. Even a short period could be enough to calm one's perspective.

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