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On Arriving

We live in a world full of haste and reaching in which we develop the habit of striving for our goals. Unfortunately, the habit and the striving often become goals in and of themselves. While it is good to be industrious, the industry is only part of the process. It is important to establish intentions that are wholesome and compassionate, otherwise the hard work could be dissipated on evil outcomes.

But it is also important, after mindful striving, to simply enjoy what you have accomplished. Sometimes this could be a celebration of finishing a part of a bigger project, or it could be the simple acknowledgement in the evening that your day was productive. We don't have to wait for that one heroic moment at the glorious end of an endeavor. That moment does deserve its special glow. But it is fleeting and a temptation for pride. If we wait until we achieve a crowning glory to feel content we cheat ourselves of the happiness and motivation that comes with all that we have done along the way.

The journey is as important as the destination, because with every step you have arrived at some new destination. It may not be the destination borne of your thinking mind or of your perceived expectations of yourself. But it is, undeniably, a unique place, and thus has the potential of being a destination in and of itself. You are your own destination in the first place. Enjoy the arrival.

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